Here at SonFire Martial Arts we celebrate diversity. Our programs provide a safe training space for everyone of every color, background, gender, and neuro/physical diversity.

Tiny Tigers

  • Ages 3-6
  • Life Skills Focussed
  • Disciplined class in a fun, positive environment
  • Develops Self Esteem, Listening Skills, Good Habits, Motor Skills, Good Manners, and more!

ATA Beginners Program

  • Fun, Safe, Diverse Training environment
  • White to Yellow Belt
  • Positive Mental and Emotional Benefits
  • Foundations of Songahm TaeKwonDo

ATA Black Belt Club

**Coming SOON!

  • Camouflage to Black Belt
  • Physical Fitness
  • Positive Mental and Emotional Benefits
  • Forms, Sparring, Weapons, Board Breaks, Self Defence.

ATA Leadership Program

  • Everything in Basic Training PLUS:
  • Extra Leadership Duties!
  • Specially Designed Leadership Curriculum!

ATA Legacy Instructor Training

  • A World Class Instructor Program
  • Specific Instructor Curriculum
  • Legacy Students ONLY Class
  • Active Teaching Experience
  • May Eventually Lead to a paid teaching position!
  • Check out two weeks free!
  • Join us in class!
  • Meet some new friends!

“There are only two mistakes on the road to self mastery. Not starting, and not going all the way.”

Shifu Shi Heng Yi

Headmaster, Shaolin Temple Europe

Start your Journey to Black Belt Excellence Today!