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Shifu Geoff

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Shifu Geoff

I began my martial arts training over 26 years ago. With multiple disciplines, I enjoy teaching everyone who wishes to learn. I believe that martial arts can help everyone, and that everyone should have the ability to learn them. Come join us, and experience the SonFire Wushu Family difference.


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Shifu Sue

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Shifu Sue

Sue loves teaching children, they are her passion. Helping children develop life skills such as self discipline, honesty, integrity, and more is dear to Sue's heart!

(Sue happens to be the backbone of SonFire, as well as an excellent Tiger's Instructor! - Shifu Geoff)

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Shifu Adam

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Shifu Adam

Adam began his training with SonFire when he was just 5 years old. Now in his early 20s, one of Adam's passions is helping people of all ages become the best that they can be.

(And he's excellent at it! - Shifu Geoff)


Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence takes many forms.


We are always up front with any fees we have, tuition, gear, everything... There are no hidden upgrade costs, no Surprise! fees that you won't know about.


We always do our best to have multiple instructors in each class. One head instructor, one or more assistants, and one or more MIT (Mentor In Training) students to help.


Our Instructors are all certified. Each of our instructors has progressed, or is in progress, with a multi-year teaching certification in both of our disciplines. (ATA & WST). All of our instructors are at least CPR Certified, and Shifu Geoff maintains First-Aid Level 2.

There are many more ways that we maintain our commitment to excellence for each of our family members, however, you should come in and experience it first hand! Don't wait another moment!

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